Breef(Pay) users can now pay for up to $500,000 in agency marketing spend over two to 12 months.

In addition, the solution allows companies to find and finance agencies in a single location. This means quicker project kick-offs, faster agency payments and reduced impact on balance sheets.

“Today’s marketers need access to agency partners that help drive strong results”, said George Raptis, co-founder and CEO of Breef. “By eliminating concerns around upfront costs, Breef(Pay) removes the uncomfortable budget chat between marketer and CFO. We are modernizing how companies approach and manage spend – encouraging them to grow now, pay later.”

Breef and Tranch: Company profiles

Breef is an online marketplace platform hosting around 15,000 agencies from 25 countries. In February, the company raised $16m in a Series A round led by Greycroft. Breef said the money raised would allow it to continue and evolve its product offering.

Founded in 2021, Tranch is a B2B payments platform enabling service, software and marketing companies to be paid upfront and offer their customers flexible payment options for up to 12 months.

In January this year, the company secured an investment of $100m in a seed round led by Soma Capital and FoudnersX. The money raised would help increase the business’s headcount in New York and boost the “Pay with Tranch” checkout method across multiple industries.

Its co-founder, Philip Kelvin, welcomed the partnership with Breef.

“We are energized by what Breef is doing by bringing an entire market into one platform”, Kelvin said. “We understand the needs of businesses to be paid on time, and also give growing companies the flexibility to access additional marketing spend to pay on their terms without compromising on growth objectives.”