Digicash, the Luxembourg bank backed payments program, has begun trialing Beacon based payments in some of the country’s retailers.

The system lets customers pay via Bluetooth from their smartphones, using SEPA credit transfers straight from the payer’s current account.

The feature will be integrated into Digicash retail banks’ apps, and must be activated by customers with a PIN to begin the payment.

Beacon terminals are seen by some as good solution to customer in-store payments as they combine Bluetooth, NFC and QR Codes. NFC sceptic and industry trend setter Apple is also behind the technology, gearing up the use of its iBeacon technology.

This Beacon wireless data transmission model arrives just a year after the launch of Digicash mobile payment solution based on QR Codes, which allowed a maximum of €2,500 ($3,469.9) per transaction.

A large-scale rollout is planned for the second half of 2014.

Digicash is testing its model with three retail banks: BCEE, POST Luxembourg and BIL and several retailers: CORA supermarkets; Apple reseller Lineheart, and some convenience stores.

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