Australia bank Westpac is running a pilot to
test an Android-based mobile contactless payment app.

The pilot trial will involve a 100 bank’s
staff, who will be given an Android handset containing a secure
element in the SIM card.

The app includes an instant feedback form
which will be used to tailor the final product during the
commercial development phase.

The bank has also recently tested contactless
stickers which could be attached to a mobile phone as a bridge to
fully-integrated SIM-based payments. 
“Mobile banking represents a significant change in the way
customers and banks do business and Westpac customers will be
instrumental in helping design the final application,” said
Westpac’s head of mortgages, cards and merchants Axel

Boye-Moller added that online and mobile are
the cornerstone of Westpac’s business. “Currently 3.4 million
Westpac customers are digital customers, 43 per cent of whom use
their mobile phone to process payments online,” he said. “The pilot
enables simple mobile payments for purchases and reflects our
approach towards progressive payment solutions for our