Splitit and payment solution provider Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems (APPS) are teaming up to deliver an integrated card-based instalment payments solution. Splitit is the only white-label service enabling customers to pay by instalments using their existing credit on their payment card.

Specifically, its white-label platform delivers one-click instalments embedded into the merchant’s existing checkout flow.

The partnership creates new BNPL options for merchants to access. This is part of APPS white-label acquiring programmes for ISO’s, ISV’s and Payment Facilitators.

In particular, the automotive, healthcare, education and furniture sectors will benefit.

APPS provides solutions to merchants of all sizes. This includes major enterprise partners, philanthropic institutions and third-party software providers. It also serves ISO’s and ISV’s who require customised payment processing solutions, designed to meet their needs.

“We are delighted to partner with APPS to offer their enterprise clients, ISO’s, ISV’s and integrated accounting solutions Splitit’s best-in-class white-label experience,” said Nandan Sheth, CEO, Splitit. “This partnership demonstrates Splitit’s distribution-led strategy as it serves ISV’s in the automotive, healthcare, education, and furniture industries.”

APPS will also add Splitit into Olympus, its proprietary back-end settlement platform. Olympus supports several industry front-ends. It allows for advanced interchange and settlement reporting; data optimisation; data analytics; directed funding; and merchant management tools.

Splitit: ‘the ideal complementary solution’: APPS

It will also be added into other acquiring front-end checkouts that could benefit from the opportunity to access BNPL designed to meet the needs of today’s ISO, ISV and Payment Facilitation providers.

Splitit is the ideal complementary solution to offer our ISO’s, BIN’s, and ISV Payment Facilitation partners,” said Brent Gephart, Chief Innovation Officer, APPS. “This partnership will allow them to maintain their merchant relationships while providing a frictionless BNPL program which any customer may apply to any transaction at check out. Together, we bring a new BNPL programme for any ISO or ISV to use with their existing acquiring programme. This expands the underserved group of merchants’ ability to sell their products to customers otherwise burdened by rising costs.”