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Russians are planning to sue US tech giant Apple for shutting down payment service Apple Pay on devices, a TASS report said. 

Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, Apple announced plans to terminate the Apple Pay service in Russia.

Speaking to TASS, Chernyshov, Lukoyanov and Partners (CLP) senior partner Konstantin Lukoyanov confirmed plans to sue Apple.

Lukoyanov said: “The basis for the claim is the rights of Russian consumers being violated by the unjustified unilateral termination of the payment service. 

“The company’s actions should be qualified as intentional moral damage to Russian users and owners of Apple devices in order to sway society’s sentiment in general. 

“The amount of the recovery must be substantial in order to compensate for the moral damage caused.

Apple’s decision to halt its services decreased the functionality and value of the devices that have already been sold and restricted options available to consumers, the lawyer noted. 

Russia’s continued aggression toward Ukraine and the retaliatory sanctions imposed by the US-led alliance has triggered a mass exodus of firms operating on Russian soil. 

Some of Russia’s largest banks have been blocked from accessing the global interbank payments messaging system, SWIFT.

To circumvent these sanctions, the Central Bank of Russia has registered a new payment system into the national register of credit solutions.

The new system, called HELLO, will be operated by TransKapitalBank.