Technology giant Apple has reportedly expressed its objection to enabling developers to link to the third party payment option on the app store for iPhone and iPad users.

The development comes as the iPhone maker readies to face ‘Fortnite’ developer Epic Games in court over its in-app payment practices, Reuters reported.

Last year, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple after it removed Fortnite game from App Store for violating its in-app payment rules in a bid to avoid commission fee on purchases.

Earlier this year, a ruling issued by US District Court Judge Yvonne Rogers upheld Apple’s requirement that developers need to use its in-app payment system.

However, Rogers asked the firm to lift its ban on ‘buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms’ other than its payment systems.

Apple, which has until 9th December to carry out the order, appealed the ruling. It also asked the order to be put on hold until a decision is reached on the appeal.

A hearing request on the same is slated for 9th November.

In its recent filing, the tech giant stated that links and buttons harm its capability to require developers to utilise its in-app payments.

The firm has fewer objections to in-app messages about other payment options and said it may ‘constrain their placement, format, or content’.

In this May, European Union (EU) regulators reportedly accused Apple of breaching antitrust laws by not allowing developers to provide other buying options outside of apps.

Swedish music streaming service Spotify also came out against the firm in the past over its rules relating to in-app payment system.

Last month, Reuters reported that EU antitrust regulators were preparing to press charges against the over anti-competitive practices related to Apple’s NFC chip technology.