Rambus, a US-based provider of hardware and software technologies, has partnered with Google and Interac Association / Acxsys to add support for Interac debit cards on Android Pay in Canada.

The partnership will enable Interac debit cardholders, via Interac Token Service Provider (TSP), to make transactions at payment terminals in Canada. TSP was developed in partnership with Rambus.

Android Pay does not share credit or debit card number with the merchant when consumers pay in stores. Instead, it uses a virtual account number to represent the card.

In case of a lost or a stolen phone, consumers can use Google’s Find My Device feature to instantly lock the device, secure it with a new password, or remove their personal details.

Chakib Bouda, CTO of the Rambus payments division, said: “Interac Debit is one of the most popular payment methods in Canada. Our collaboration on the TSP will allow millions of consumers to enjoy secure mobile payments using Android Pay in Canada.”

Debbie Gamble, vice president of digital product and platforms at Interac Association and Acxsys, said: “We’re excited to bring Interac Debit on Android Pay to Canada.

“The launch of Android Pay is another example of how we are working to accelerate the growth of digital payment experiences in Canada through secure, tokenised digital debit transactions. Such accomplishments are the result of innovative technologies and strong partnerships, including our collaboration with Rambus.”