By teaming up, Amazon Pay merchants can now offer their clients flexible and transparent pay-over-time options through Affirm’s product offering.

Amazon Pay merchants already using Affirm’s Adaptive Checkout include names such as Casper, USA Berkey Filters and UltraSabers. Merchants hope Affirm’s technology will help them increase their sales conversion rate while reaching new customers.

“We know customers want convenient and flexible payment options—whether they’re checking out on or using Amazon Pay”, said Omar Soudodi, director of Amazon Pay. “With Affirm on Amazon Pay, merchants can offer a pay-over-time option to their existing customers and have another way to reach new customers.”

Amazon Pay: Company information

Amazon Pay is a payment solution which enables users to purchase goods on third-party partner merchant websites using payment methods saved on the user’s Amazon profile.

As of February 2023, merchants from 18 countries and customers in over 170 countries used Amazon Pay at checkout. The largest number of merchants using Amazon Pay was in India – 8.5 million as of November 2022.

In March, the giant partnered with Chase, launching new Amazon Visa card options for Prima Visa and Amazon Visa cardholders.

Libor Michalek, president of Affirm, commented on the deal with Amazon Pay.

“Digital Wallets are an increasingly critical part of the shopping experience and are expected to account for over half of e-commerce transactions worldwide by 2025”, Michalek said. “In addition, customers want more choice and flexibility when paying online. By integrating Affirm’s Adaptive Checkout, thousands of merchants can offer their customers personalized payment options and increased spending power through Amazon Pay’s convenient and secure checkout experience.”