Finnish financial institution Aktia has added Google Pay support to enable its customers to pay through Android devices.

The move follows an Aktia survey that found new payment methods are gaining popularity in Finland. The survey also found that around one-third of Finnish people can completely switch to cashless transactions.

Aktia Digital Services head Alexhander Törnqvist said: “Our customers want us to provide safe, easy and uncomplicated payment solutions irrespective of which brand of smart device they use.

“That is why it is great to make Google Pay a part of our existing service range and in that way expand our range of payment solutions for Android devices.”

Aktia customers can use Google Pay to make contactless payments, in-app payments and for online purchases.

Additionally, the customers can also use their debit or credit card for making transactions via Google Pay.

Törnqvist added: “Mobile payments are becoming their own payment system as mobile technologies develop.

“They will gain in popularity in the next coming years, and according to our survey, 16% is going to start using mobile payment this year, but there is even more potential.

“The popularity of new digital solutions can increase very quickly, and we naturally want to be at the forefront of answering this need.”

In December last year, Orange Bank rolled-out Google Pay for Android users.