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Managing risks and costs of ecommerce payments in South Korea

E-commerce is booming in South Korea, the world’s tenth largest economy. But merchants must be wary about potential pitfalls from setting up shop in a country where diverse payment methods and currency controls dominate

Why localisation is the next frontier in the digital payment revolution

A worldwide e-commerce boom is creating new opportunities for merchants. But they must get to grips with a plethora of payment preferences and technologies causing huge variation between markets

An overview of the cross-border payments market in Latin America

Latin America contains some of the world’s fastest growing economies. To reap the benefits, merchants must implement solutions that accommodate the many and diverse preferences of the region’s consumers

Q&A: finding opportunities and navigating challenges in the post-PSD2 world

Upon taking effect in 2018, PSD2 claimed it would harmonise the world of European payments. Despite the many opportunities for innovation, some merchants are still coming to terms with the new landscape under PSD2

Get Ahead of the Curve: The Top Trends for the Peak Sales Season 2022

The November to February sales period – peak season – is make or break for many businesses. Using a payment solution responsive to market-by-market fluctuations is essential

Payment orchestration: what it means and why businesses should consider it

What if one neat platform could authorise, route and reconcile transactions – while managing the mixture of providers, acquirers and banks that merchants must deal with? Enter payment orchestration

How to stay fraud-free as cross-border eCommerce expands

With cross-border eCommerce booming, merchants have a world of new opportunities at their fingertips. But fraud is on the rise too – picking the right fraud prevention partner can help brands safeguard their investment and ensure success

How to capitalize on cross-border eCommerce and minimize fraud risks

Cross-border eCommerce expansion enables merchants to reach more customers in new markets, increase brand awareness, and grow revenue.

Why cross-border payment solutions hold the key to unlocking high growth markets

Cross-border payments offer businesses untold opportunities to boost their bottom-lines and grow. But there are risks – expert guidance should be sought and used