Melissa, a UK-based provider of identity verification solutions, is launching Melissa KYC to help businesses verify customers more easily.

Melissa KYC uses technology that includes ID card and document authentication, biometrics, and liveness confirmation.

It is designed to make customer verification services smoother so companies can confidently adhere to complex government regulations.

Greg Brown, VP of global marketing at Melissa, said: “Whether verifying an address or working to prevent online fraud, the business process must be easily implemented and meet customer expectations for convenience and speed.

“Melissa KYC ensures that compliance activities are seamless for the business and create a straightforward, friction-free experience for end-users.”

The Melissa KYC mobile app uses facial recognition in order to capture identity documentation.

This authentication process consists of digitally scanning passports or national ID card and checking them by optical character recognition.

It also verifies a person’s “liveness” by the blinking of eyes and uses biometrics to confirm the scanned photo and live person are the same.

Melissa KYC’s verification feature authenticates each submission by using real-time and multi-sourced data.

This is used to standardise, correct, and match customer records globally, seamlessly validating customer or supplier data and identity.

Melissa uses the business web portal to review the customer’s submission and generate and store customer due diligence reports to meet compliance requirements.

These operations reportedly take place within seconds, reducing the strain of compliance on customer service and on-boarding activities.

The idea behind the launch was to ensure identity verification becomes easier, more secure and more convenient.