Online payment processor Allied Wallet has made its NextGen Payment Gateway available in France.

The payment gateway is now compatible with MyBank, Cartes Bancaires, E-Carte Bleue, CASHWAY, and YouPass.

Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja said: “Cartes Bancaires has over 60 million cardholders in France. They’re responsible for 11.28 billion transactions. E-Carte Bleue – 2 million users and over 16 billion in transactions in one year… These may be alternative payment options, but they’re important options. These are the ways people want to pay, and we want to enable that.”

The payment firm said that the move is in response to the growing demand for e-commerce in France.

France is the third largest e-commerce market in Europe, Allied Wallet said, with e-commerce spending of over €81.7bn recorded in the previous year. The figure is expected to reach €93bn this year.

An average French online shopper is said to spend around €1400 annually.

The market is also said to have an internet penetration rate of 97%, versus 62% globally.

“There are more than 120,000 active e-commerce sites in France and almost 65 million people online…we want to give them more options. We want to support e-commerce growth and the success of online businesses in France,” Khawaja added.