Paybase has announced the first of its collaborative workshops for marketplace and gig/sharing economy platform founders. The event will be held at Paybase’s London office on 11 October.

CEO Anna Tsyupko voiced why Paybase wanted to hold such an event.

Tsyupko said: “When you look at companies such as Uber and AirBnB, you can see the incredible impact that platform businesses can have. But with this new type of commerce come new, specific challenges that are restricting these businesses from reaching their potential.

“We are proud of the improvements that Paybase is making to payments experience, but there are lessons, tips and shortcuts to be learned and shared across many fields. Through this event, we hope decision makers can find answers to their problems and establish relationships that will be beneficial long after the event is over.”

Paybase has said this will be the first in a series of events, to encourage the idea of a community developing. No date has been given for the next event, though it is likely to be in early 2019.

If you are interested in attending the event, you can register by contacting Paybase.