Norwegian biometric technology company Zwipe has supplied the first order of its second-generation biometric inlay for smart cards.

Without divulging the name of the client, Zwipe said that the order involved the delivery of “a few thousand units”.

The order, according to Zwipe, will offer revenues of about half a million NOK in the third quarter of the fiscal year.

Zwipe CEO Andre Løvestam said: “Zwipe’s biometric payment platform is the most widely live-tested solution in the marketplace and it has been progressively updated in terms of performance and cost.

“We are supporting our customers toward achieving a mass-marketable roll-out of their biometric payment cards.”

Last year, Zwipe teamed up with Cypress Semiconductor to develop its biometric card inlay technology.

Zwipe claims that the new technology will slash the power consumption of its inlay solution by around 70%.

Earlier this month, Zwipe partnered with French security and identity solutions provider IDEMIA to bring new biometric payments card platform to the market.

Thailand-based dz card International also signed a partnership with Zwipe recently to roll out biometric payment solutions.

In June, Zwipe expanded its non-exclusive partnership with Infineon Technologies to tap the growing biometric card market.