UK mobile commerce firm Zapp has joined forces with five major financial services firms to roll out its mobile payment service to 18 million customers across the country.

The five major UK financial services firms include HSBC, first direct, Nationwide, Santander and Metro Bank.

Zapp will allow consumers to be benefited from real-time payments on their mobile phone banking applications, allowing secure payments between consumers and merchants.

As part of the deal, Zapp will be integrated into the mobile banking applications of these financial institutions to offer real-time payment choice to millions of customers as they shop.

Following the launch, the customers of these financial services firms will be able to pay for goods and services using just their existing bank account, a smartphone and a mobile banking app.

Zapp CEO, Peter Keenan, said: "Together with our already announced acquirer partnerships, Zapp will go to market with real scale offering simpler, more secure and efficient payments to millions of customers and businesses.

"I am delighted that these financial institutions and acquirers have chosen to innovate to deliver value to their customers, lead the market and deliver huge benefit to the UK economy."

Zapp chairman and VocaLink CEO, David Yates, said: "Zapp is a major payment innovation for Britain that will bring significant value to consumers, merchants and financial institutions. VocaLink is yet again proving that we are at the cutting edge of payment innovation, delivering significant value for the UK economy."