Yandex.Checkout, a Russia-based payment service provider, announced that its merchants can now accept contactless payments through Apple Pay.

Clients of Yandex.Checkout can add Apple Pay as a payment method in apps and on websites. The new offering is suitable for companies which need an easy and fast payment process.

Merchants can effortlessly integrate secure payments into apps using SDK (software development kit) and can start offering customers a convenient and secure way to check out, directly from their iOS device.

After adding plastic or virtual prepaid Yandex.Money cards to Apple Wallet, the Yandex.Money users can pay though Apple Pay. The process of adding cards can be executed from either the Apple Wallet app or Yandex.Money mobile app for iOS.

Yandex.Checkout is providing payments through Apple Pay in different Yandex apps such as Yandex.Taxi, a handy app to order a cab; Kinopoisk, an online film database known as ‘the IMDb of Russia’, and Yandex.Fines, which is used for tracking and paying traffic fines.

Chief commercial officer Alexander Magomedov said: “Contactless payments are quickly gaining popularity among Russian users. Nowadays people can pay contactless everywhere — in brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants, public transport and even at petrol stations.

“Contactless payments on websites and in apps can become an additional pretext for a spontaneous purchase. Everything is very simple: one touch of a finger on your smartphone — and you are all set.”