Xoom, a digital money transfer provider, has launched a technology platform, known as Xoom Bill Pay, to allow cross-border bill payments.

Launched in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, Xoom Bill Pay will facilitate immigrants to help their family in the homeland by paying bills online in a few clicks or taps with a real-time view of their account balances.

Bobby Aitkenhead, vice president of Xoom Bill Pay, said: "We believe Xoom Bill Pay is revolutionary for paying bills in developing countries, where it’s very difficult for senders and beneficiaries to access bill receipts in a timely manner, and also hard to have good visibility over recipients’ expenses.

"In the past, money transfer recipients had to spend hours out of their day traveling to a bill pay retailer, just to stand in line, fill out forms and hand cash over the counter to pay for telephone usage or electricity.

"This is now a thing of the past as we have transformed the process by allowing customers to pay the bills cross-border on behalf of their family in an easy and efficient way."

The service will charge a fee of $2.99 per bill paid.