XCore Technologies, a card component supplier, has leveraged its encapsulation process to develop a new metal card design that is set to enable contactless payments.

The new design is expected to address the challenges associated with previous versions of metal dual interface (DI) cards whose metal is said to interfere with the antennae and thereby hinders contactless processes.

XCore’s latest Metal Core and full Metal cards are designed to have capabilities similar to conventional DI PVC cards yet allow swipe, insert or tap from all orientations.

The firm’s Metal Card Prelaminate Core Sheet used for preparing the new cards supports standard and customary hot lamination card manufacturing procedures.

XCore Technologies president Mark Cox said: “Through the application of unique metallurgies and manufacturing processes, our engineering team has created a unique product that meets the need for dual interface capability in a premium metal card.

“Our range of hot lamination process compatible metal card products, edge-to-edge metal cards, and encapsulated metal cards provide the card manufacturer with price point options to meet card issuer’s needs.”