French payment services provider Worldline has introduced a virtual showroom, marking its foray into the Metaverse space.

Situated in Decentraland in the Crypto Valley area, the Worldline Metaverse showroom aims to help engage the firm’s merchant network in Metaverse and offer them customer exposure.

The payments firm will also focus on the allocation of significant resources to develop and distribute additional Metaverse-related offerings specifically customised to serve merchants looking to enter the space.

This showroom offers various features, including a merchant of the month area that offers a merchant a new product, which can be bought directly through the Worldline payment engine.

A coffee space powered by PAYONE will enable social interaction and informal meetings between merchants, users, and the firm’s representatives.

PAYONE is a joint venture between Worldline and the German Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe (DSV).

The showroom also offers avirtual stage for events , which can be used for hosting virtual product presentations as well as knowledge exchange with Decentraland users.

Furthermore, the showroom supports charity projects, including support for Ukraine through charity organisations.

Through this launch, Worldline intends to bridge the gap between virtual and physical worlds for e-commerce and help its merchants benefit from Metaverse’s prospects.

Worldline Metaverse expert Sascha Muenger said: “Technological innovation is an essential part of Worldline’s DNA. The Metaverse, and Web 3.0 overall, is without doubt the next step in the development of the Internet and it is vital for us to make sure we harness the opportunities this virtual world will bring.

“Our plans also involve facilitating access for our merchant base and customers and providing a secure and seamless payment process in the Metaverse.”