French payment services provider Worldline has launched a new payment solution tailored for online marketplaces.

The solution targets classic marketplaces for physical products, franchise systems, travel agents, self-check-out solutions, as well as delivery services.

The requirement for payment operators to have their own payment institution licence is eliminated with the new tool.

By virtue of being a regulated company in Europe, Worldline can meet the needs of a licenced payment services provider while conforming to AML and KYC norms.

The new solution will utilise tokenisation, which replaces sensitive information including credit card numbers with tokens.

The new solution will also support easy integration with a marketplace platform.

The firm said that it can handle mixed shopping baskets with offerings from multiple sellers.

Worldline chief market officer of merchant services Roger Niederer said: “Choosing the right payment solution is a critical success factor for an online marketplace.

“As a European payment specialist with a proven track record, we can ensure a secure and smooth payment process for all marketplaces resulting in a highly positive buying and selling experience for all parties.”

Online marketplace clients in Austria, Cyprus, and Switzerland have already signed off for the new proposition.

Worldline has been in the limelight for various activities this year.

Last month, the company added support for Apple Pay and Google Pay in Germany.

In the same month, Worldline unit equensWorldline unveiled a new service to enable interoperability of mobile P2P payments across Europe.

Earlier this year, Worldline launched the WL One Commerce Hub that will be a single payment platform for Europe and beyond.