Worldline, a major European player in the payments and transactional services industry, has announced Ingenico’s launch of its first ever Data as a Service (DaaS) platform for payments, Ingenico Insight.

The state-of-the-art solution features the latest in machine learning (ML) and data science capabilities for payments. It provides an intuitive and tailored user experience, Worldline said in a release.

Ingenico is part of Worldline since October of 2020. It offers merchants smart, trusted and secure solutions to empower commerce.

Ingenico Insight is a new evolution in reporting, business intelligence (BI) and transaction management for payments.

It transforms the traditional dashboard, used to see aggregated data, into a platform with deep-dive and payment optimization features.

“Customers can act intuitively and in real-time”

The platform will include capabilities to extrapolate data and make predictions. It will also provide prescriptive measures and will offer a benchmarking ability to compare against industry averages.

These features built with ML and artificial intelligence (AI) use past data to know how to influence the future.

Worldline customers can act intuitively and in real-time, investigate datapoints individually (such as separate transactions or disputes), the company said.

Customers can also take control of data and identify and resolve conversion, chargeback or fraud related issues much faster.

By enabling this deep-dive capability into separate datapoints, Worldline is making reporting and problem-solving easier and more precise.

The ability to manage data across the entirety of the payments funnel

To allow businesses to manage data across the entirety of the payments funnel, the solution can also be tailored to the employee using it.

For instance, a fraud manager will be most interested in payment disputes and fraud issues, while payment managers will want to know more about authorization and conversion rates.

The solution ensures they see the data they need and recognizes multiple stakeholders such as fraud, finance, operations, developers, and payment managers.