Worldline, a payment services provider, has acquired a 55% stake in, a Warsaw-based fintech that transforms Android devices into secure payment terminals.

This deal is part of Worldline’s strategy to offer payment solutions that are adapted to all kinds of commerce. was created in 2019 by two entrepreneurs in Poland.

It transforms regular Android devices into secure payment terminals, thereby allowing merchants to accept card payments without the requirement for additional hardware.

Backed by technology, Worldline plans to leverage its vast portfolio, right from onboarding to acquiring, and boost customer value across all verticals.

Based on, Worldline is rolling out a new product globally: Worldline Tap on Mobile.

Serving as an end-to-end solution based on Android application, Worldline Tap on Mobile enables merchants to accept payments using a smartphone, tablet, or enterprise device via one single tap.

This solution is not only intended to accept small amounts easily by “tap” but also larger amounts with PIN entry on the screen.

Worldline Tap on Mobile enables easy, and fast acceptance of contactless payments; offers flexibility as no additional hardware is needed and suited for all verticals; is claimed to be a secure, PCI-certified solution, with pin-entry for high value payments; and offers integration capabilities with third-party applications.

It is also the first payments application certified by Zebra Technologies, which is a provider of enterprise asset intelligence.

Earlier this week, Worldline reported a 10% organic growth in its Q3 2022 revenue to €1.15bn as against €1.05bn in the same period of 2021.