Worldcore, a Czech Republic -based online payment service provider, has introduced a new voice biometrics authentication feature called VoiceKey.

The new feature can be used for both account access and payment confirmation. It is a touchless authentication method that eliminates the use of passwords and PINs.

VoiceKey has been designed to analyze voices by over 100 parameters and can prevent unauthorized access to an account even if the user’s voice is recorded.

The user’s three to four seconds long phrase which contains 10-12 syllables is recorded to analyse their voice features. The approved phrase is later used for accessing the account or confirmation of payment based on enabled VoiceKey options.

VoiceKey, which includes noise canceling and voice detection technology, will be available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese and Korean languages.

Worldcore said that voice biometrics have the ability to prevent spoofing during data leak and are based on text-dependent characteristics.

The company added that its payment platform is in the process of becoming PCI DSS Level 1 compliant to launch a payment gateway for e-commerce to enable credit card payments processing for merchants.

The company expects to roll out the complete solution before summer 2016.

Furthermore, Worldcore is planning to foray into the mobile and contactless payments market in 2016 and an up-to-date solution will be launched with Worldcore Mobile Apps before the end of 2016.

Worldcore founder and CEO Alexey Nasonov said: "Worldcore as a trendsetter of the global payments industry, enabling this leading security measure to fight against fraud and simplify account access with up-to-date biometrics technologies."