Bitcoin wallet Wirex has released new plastic debit cards supporting multiple currency accounts such as euro (EUR), US dollars (USD) and bitcoin (BTC) in the UK.

The new Visa cards will be available as a virtual card and a physical card with contactless payment capability.

They can be used for cryptocurrency payments and exchange between digital coins and fiat money.

The physical card will also allow secure online and offline shopping, as well as cash withdrawal at ATMs in around 210 countries.

Wirex CEO Pavel Matveev was quoted by media sources as saying: “Wirex is the only provider in Europe right now to offer crypto, converted into fiat for everyday spending on cards.

“Transactions in stores, buying goods online or withdrawing money from ATMs just got much easier.

“We were the first to bring such cards to the world and now we’re the first to bring converted cryptocurrency accounts with new contactless debit cards.”

The company intends to launch the new cards across other European countries by the end of this month, with plans to later expand to Japan and South East Asian markets.