Wirecard Card Solutions has teamed up with UK-based Payment Card Solutions (PCS) to deliver Bread4Scrap (B4S) Prepaid MasterCard, a prepaid programme for scrap metal dealers.

As per the Home Office guidelines, cash payments for metal at recycling yards in England and Wales have become an offence.

Subsequently, Wirecard and PCS have rolled out the B4S prepaid card programme, which provides an effective tool for licensed scrap metal traders to adhere to these government guidelines.

Designed as a reloadable e-money product , the Bread Prepaid MasterCard card combines secure EMV card packaging with a unique corporate loading and float management system to ensure that cards are issued securely and legally out in the field and the cards can be used instantly by scrap dealers for general spend.

Participating scrap metal dealers can issue their customers with Prepaid MasterCard cards and instantly load these cards with the funds earlier paid in cash.

PCS CEO Paul Swinton said: “PCS is delighted to have successfully migrated our Bread4Scrap card portfolio to Wirecard, our long term issuing partner to consolidate our joint relationship.

“This together with our joint processing partner, GPS give us confidence that our cardholders will receive a superb service in the coming years.”