Wirecard AG, a provider of outsourcing for electronic payment transactions, has announced it has integrated host card emulation (HCE) in to its mobile wallet platform.

The integration will enable telecommunication companies, financial services providers, banks and retailers to enter the mobile payment market through near field communication.

HCE allows NFC-based transactions for payments and services via mobile apps to be carried out without a physical secure element available on the mobile phone.

This means all data generated from a transaction is stored on a secure centralised server, as opposed to a hardware component.

Markus Braun, CEO of Wirecard AG, said: "HCE will help further distribute NFC technology in the field of mobile payment as it is opening up this market to different players, allowing them to operate more quickly and flexibly in the future.

"Through the integration of HCE technology in to our Mobile Wallet Platform, we are once again demonstrating our innovative strength in the area of online technology," he added.

NFC host card emulation technology is already standard in Android devices starting Version 4.4.

The feature provided by Wirecard allows for NFC payment cards to be created for Android smartphones which can be combined with other mobile payment systems as well as loyalty and voucher offers.

No data connection to the internet is required to complete payments and the feature is compatible with existing retailers POS terminals.


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