Westpac NZ has cancelled and started proactively replacing a total of about 30,000 credit and debit cards that could be potentially at fraud risk due to the recent Ticketmaster payment data breach.

Customers who purchased, or tried to purchase, tickets on Ticketmaster between September 2017 and 23 June 2018 could be impacted by the breach.

Westpac already dispatched replacement cards to its customers in New Zealand. It advised members to activate their new cards and destroy the old ones.

Westpac NZ head of Financial Crime and Security Services Tiffany Ryan said: “We have been aware that the Ticketmaster-related data security incident could potentially affect our customers and we’ve been monitoring all activity closely since.

“We have strong fraud controls in place, but we wanted to take an extra proactive step to protect our customers and provide them with peace of mind around this issue.”

In June this year, Ticketmaster reported a breach to the payment card and personal details of customers who bought tickets on its UK website. The company disclosed that around 5% of their global customer base had been affected.

Ticketmaster identified that the fraud was carried out using malicious software on a customer support product. The product was hosted by Inbenta Technologies, a third-party supplier to the company.

At the time of announcement, UK-based mobile-only bank Monzo replaced all its cards used on Ticketmaster website, as a precautionary measure.