Western Union has partnered with Sogexpress, a Haiti-based money transfer and payment services provider, to launch a new platform that allows Haitian diaspora to use remittances to finance renewable energy products for families and friends in Haiti.

The platform includes a website through which local customers and senders living abroad can pre-order the solar light kit of their choice.

Also, customers can use their order number to complete payment at participating Western Union Agent locations around the world through the Western Union Quick Pay platform.

Sogexpress will be responsible for processing the orders in three to five working days.

Western Union said that the remittance platform will include a new financing option to allow Haitians to access larger systems that have economic, health, and social benefits.

Western Union vice president for the Caribbean Sean Mason said: "Through our services, we have seen the quality of life improve, education levels lift, jobs created and economies grow. We are committed to the collaborative approach of delivering renewable energy products, through a technologically innovative process of purpose-directed payments, with multiple benefits for the people of Haiti."

Sogexpress executive vice president Franck Lanoix said: "At Sogexpress we want to help all Haitians benefit from our natural resource – an abundance of sunlight. Having a cleaner and more accessible alternative for electricity with the solar light kits has the potential to transform the lives of millions of Haitians."