Western Union Business Solutions has expanded its cross-border payments platform for SMEs, dubbed EDGE, into Hong Kong, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The company also announced that it will introduce a new feature for EDGE that will enable cross-border payments without fees, expanding it to 51 currencies across 13 nations.

The speed of cross-border payments will also increase allowing buyers to transfer funds to sellers on the WU EDGE platform within minutes, the company added.

Western Union Business Solutions president Kerry Agiasotis said, “Buying and selling overseas has never been easier, it’s now possible to make an international business payment in minutes.

“Since the launch of the WU EDGE platform businesses across the world have used the platform to support their aspirations to grow, invest and deliver the jobs of the future. We are very proud of today’s announcement, we view ourselves as business partners to our SME customers.

“This continuous evolution around the WU EDGE platform is just the beginning. We want to connect buyers and sellers all over the world. And connect them on a single B2B platform that powers real-time connections and payments across the globe,” Agiasotis concluded.