Weave has launched a full-scale payments processing platform, named Weave Payments, for small to medium businesses (SMBs).

The new product forms part of the company’s communication suite and facilitates easy processing of payments. It accepts all card types and technologies, and several mobile wallets.

In addition, the platform is said to cut backend paperwork and reporting by integrating all services in Weave toolbox.

Weave Payments features

The platform comes with multiple features such as Text to Pay, credit card and virtual terminals, and mobile wallets.

Businesses can leverage Text to Pay to accept payments through text. This feature could be beneficial in case of customers who are not onsite, forgot their credit card or owe an additional payment.

The platform’s terminals enable businesses to accept all types of payment. The terminals work on WiFi or Ethernet and do not require a phone line.

Furthermore, merchants will be able to customise the receipts sent to clients and even send automated receipts. The platform allows view and export of invoice history.

Weave chief product officer Jefferson Lyman said: “Weave Payments is an integral part of the end-to-end Weave platform. Weave offers solutions for every step of the business process–from the first phone call to the final invoice.

“Business owners want to provide the best experience for their customers throughout every interaction–whether it’s communications, appointment scheduling, payment processing, or garnering online reviews–it all can be done in Weave’s cohesive platform.”

Weave formed an alliance to use Stripe’s Express platform for payment processing.