Vodafone has launched its mobile wallet service in Spain, designed to make everyday transactions simpler for its customers by using of their smartphone.

Vodafone Wallet is the first European mobile payment service to be based on the open-standard GlobalPlatform platform.

Using NFC technology and equivalent EMV-compliant payment technologies, the Vodafone Wallet will be able to hold travel cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and vouchers, complementing and over time replacing the plastic cards in a customer’s wallet or purse.

The company has also launched its first mobile payment app, Vodafone SmartPass, for the wallet in partnership with Visa.

Vodafone SmartPass can be funded when needed and will allow customers to pay for goods with their smartphone at any Visa contactless payment terminal in retailers around the world, including more than 1.2 million in Europe.

The company has also plans to launch these services in Germany by mid-December and expand to Netherlands, UK and Italy in spring 2014.

Vodafone is working with major European banks to integrate their card portfolios into the wallet.

Visa Europe executive director, Sandra Alzetta, said: "Customers across Europe will be able to make secure mobile contactless payments through the Visa prepaid card in the SmartPass service, as well as take advantage of the benefits offered by a truly open mobile wallet; backed by all the security, trust and acceptance the Visa brand represents."