UK-based Vodafone has added a feature to its mobile wallet app which allows customers to upload their plastic loyalty cards, coupons or identification cards onto their smartphone.

The telco giant signed a partnership with Austrian software company Bluesource, which technology lets users load their physical cards by either scanning them or typing in the numbers.

Stefano Parisse, group consumer services director at Vodafone, said: "Our customers want to take advantage of as many club, retail and membership offers as possible, but the number of plastic cards often exceed the capacity of their physical wallet.

"Our new feature removes that problem by allowing a user to load a limitless number of loyalty cards directly onto their phone.

"Participating retailers also benefit since they will be able to send vouchers and special offers directly to the Vodafone mobile wallets of their regular customers."

About 2,000 companies have partnered with Bluesource to allow their loyalty cards to be uploaded and stored on an app, including Tesco and British Airways.

Vodafone said it plans to add more facilities to store more cards, coupons and travel tickets in the coming months. Its mobile wallet will also go live in Spain and the Netherlands in June.

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