Telecommunication group Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) has partnered with Vietinbank and JCB International to introduce the Vietinbank-VNPT-JCB co-branded card (Vpoint Card) in Vietnam.

The Vpoint cardholders can earn points at any merchant in the Vpoint network.

The credit card can be used at JCB’s merchant network in the country and at more than 30 million international locations.

It further works as a Vpoint membership card, providing benefits such as JCB privileges, along with promotions and up to 50% discounts at Vpoint merchants, including restaurants, taxis, spas, supermarkets and travel agencies.

VNPT Vinaphone deputy general director Pham Anh Tuan said: “This partnership among VNPT, Vietinbank and JCB will strengthen the ties between our business and the two countries of Vietnam and Japan.

“Our customers can enjoy all the various attractive benefits developed by not only VNPT but also Vietinbank and JCB.”

JCB International president and COO Kimihisa Imada said: “JCB cards have been issued in Vietnam since 2011, and we have a strong commitment to the development of the Vietnam cashless payment market, and offer a unique payment experience to our customers.

“I am confident that the Vpoint Card would be successful as it directly inherits VNPT’s huge potential customer database, in additional to our diversified privileges as well as outstanding banking services by Vietinbank.”