Visa is set to introduce a new certification programme to help train individuals as dispute resolution professionals, which is a sought after role in the payments industry.

To support the qualified applicants in getting training, Visa is offering up to 500 scholarships.

The announcement follows a recent report, which indicated that 75% of HR professionals in the US see lack of skills in applicants for job openings.

Certificate programmes help candidates to develop the skills and experiences required for a special job in a shorter time without spending much money.

Those who complete certification programmes get a 20% salary hike, according to a Georgetown University study.

Under the dispute resolution professional certification programme, Visa will offer training for a number of days and then conduct professional-level certification tests.

Dispute resolution professionals handle disputes related to the payment cards. They can get jobs with banks as well as payment processors.

Visa chairman and CEO Al Kelly said: “Private industry has an important role to play in helping equip the workforce with the skills needed for in-demand jobs.

“We need employers to actively assess workforce needs, promote skills-based recruitment and hiring and commit to workers’ lifelong skills development, which is critical to economic development.

“At Visa, we are working to help strengthen the pipeline of qualified workers. We want to help candidates adapt to a constantly changing environment.”

Visa has vowed to train over 14.3 million workers and students across the US.