Almacenes Siman, the largest department store
chain in Central America,  has become the latest member of
RegaloCard’s mobile payments network.

The partnership will allow consumers to
instantly send free “micro money transfers” from their mobile
phones for as little as $10 to buy products from the department

RegaloCard is a prepaid gift card that
immigrants can buy in the United States but is delivered instantly
to the person chosen in the immigrant’s home country to make
purchases at leading local retailers.

Gregory Keough, chairman and CEO of RegaloCard
said: “At Siman consumers can literally purchase almost anything
they may need, from TVs to clothes. They have the largest retail
footprint and product selection of any department store in the
region. This means consumers can send their micro money transfer
instantly and for free with RegaloCard and allow their family back
home to purchase almost anything they may need, this is great news
for consumers.”

The Almacenes Siman chain spans all of Central
America with operations in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and
Costa Rica.