U.S. Bank has enabled its commercial Visa cardholders to make corporate payments through a number of digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

The new mobile payment support will enable the bank’s corporate travel card clients conveniently and securely pay on the go with their compatible smartphones. The Minneapolis-based bank is the first to provide a mobile payment support for Visa corporate card owners.

While transacting through the mobile payment channels, the cardholders will be offered added layers of security through a process known as tokenisation that safeguards sensitive credit card information and slashes opportunities for fraud.

U.S. Bank president of corporate payment systems Jeff Jones said: “Business travellers are increasingly expecting the same convenience and security in their business transactions as they experience with their personal transactions.

“Consumer use of mobile payments is growing every day. Launching a corresponding capability for business travellers is the next logical step.

“This new functionality is a great compliment to our U.S. Bank Access Online mobile app. Together, they become a powerful mobile toolkit for managing commercial card accounts on the go.”