UnionPay International has teamed up with South Korea-based card company Hyundai Card for the issuance of various types of UnionPay cards.

The partnership includes 12 types of card products, including M series, X series, Zero cards, My Business individual merchant cards and My Company enterprise business cards.

The cards offer benefits such as bonus points, cash refund, merchant discounts, and business card-using.

Additionally, the platinum cards issued by UnionPay will provide added benefits including hotel and airport parking service three times a month, free use of Walkerhill Matina airport lounge twice a year besides offering coffee, movie and shopping discounts, free parking service at weekend and other value-added services.

In South Korea, UnionPay credit cards can be used at all signature-based merchants, will be accepted by all taxies and also for PIN-based payment at 1.2 million merchants.