UnionPay International has joined forces with Taiwan China Trust to enable acceptance of UnionPay cards for all merchants of China Trust.

The two parties have also agreed to cooperate on other services including UnionPay QuickPass and cross-border online payment, and meet payment demands of diverse cardholder groups by redoubling efforts to optimize the local UnionPay card acceptance environment from online to offline.

As part of these efforts, the percentage of China Trust merchants accepting UnionPay cards will be raised to 90% by the end of 2016.

Moreover, China Trust merchants will be allowed to accept UnionPay QuickPass on a large scale, covering Taipei 101, Watsons, large coffee chain stores, Taiwan Taxi among others.

Taiwan railway network will now accept ticket reservation payment through UnionPay cards, allowing UnionPay cardholders to complete ticket reservation before departure and arrange their itinerary in advance.

In addition, as the website and APP of China Trust i Payment have been opened to accept the cross-border online payment of tuition via UnionPay cards, the payment of public utility fees and telephone bill at those platforms will be realized later on.

UnionPay International chairman Ge Huayong said that China Trust and UnionPay International have collaborated in multiple fields such as acceptance by ATMs and merchants, mPOS acquiring service and cross-border online payment of tuition by overseas students.

Currently, UnionPay card services are being extended to more fields, especially through deepened cooperation in innovative businesses including online payment and contactless payment, Huayong added.