Union First Market Bankshares (UFMBC) is set to reissue credit and debit cards affected by data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus.

UFMBC CEO and president, G William Beale, said while the security breaches did not compromise any of Union’s systems, Union is taking a proactive step to reissue all debit and credit cards that were impacted by the data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus.

"Union has been monitoring the impacted accounts since being notified of the security lapses.

"While no customer has lost money, the level of fraud and attempted fraud has increased on those accounts and therefore Union decided it was necessary to issue new cards to our customers," Beale added.

Virginia-based UFMBC is the holding firm for Union First Market Bank and StellarOne Bank.

Union First Market Bank has 90 branches and over 150 ATMs, whereas StellarOne Bank has 55 branches and over 60 ATMs throughout Virginia.