Ukash vouchers are now available in the whole
of Argentina.  

Previously, the service was only available
Buenos Aires.

Ukash breaks now into the whole Argentinean
market teaming up with local store More Money through its
partnership with Raberil Trading.

Ukash vouchers can be ordered verbally by
simply confirming name and address, once the customer is registered
with their nearest More stores, the company said.

Ukash’s alternative cash payment method seems
to suit the Argentinean market, where bank account penetration is
low, while rates of internet access and e-commerce are on the

“We knew the opportunity to shop online using
cash would be well received,” said David Hunter , CEO of 
Ukash, said.

Research conducted by the online payments
company in Argentina showed that cash transactions accounted for
42% of all purchases against 4.6% of those made by card.

In February last year, Ukash launched its
prepaid e-voucher services in Brazil, aiming to capitalise on the
growth of e-commerce in the region.

Ukash had made a previous attempt to enter the
Carioca’s market a year before. However, in April 2010 it was
forced to cease activity due to “technical problems” with issuing

Ukash’s distribution network now spans 50




a screenshot of how Ukash works