UATP, a payment solution owned and operated by the world’s airlines, has joined forces with payment technology firm CellPoint Mobile to provide its member airlines access to more mobile and card-based payment options.

Under the partnership, CellPoint’s transaction acceptance capabilities will be integrated with the UATP platform.

The collaboration will offer UATP member airlines access to Apple’s mobile payment platform ApplePay.

Besides, airlines connecting to UATP’s Ceptor will gain access to CellPoint’s Velocity payment platform and its mobile alternative payment methods (APMs). Velocity offers access to various PSPs, acquirers and global consumer wallets, while providing dynamic routing, acceptance rate optimisation, and pay-by-link capabilities.

CellPoint said that the partnership will lead to decrease in development costs and implementation times for member airlines of UATP, while increasing direct-channel revenues.

UATP president and CEO Ralph Kaiser said: “Our member airlines recognise the competitive advantage of being able to offer the right payment method to the right passenger in the right market – and CellPoint Mobile makes that possible.”

CellPoint Mobile CEO Kristian Gjerding added: “Through this partnership, UATP airline members can offer expanded frictionless, choice-rich mobile payment experiences to their customers. Which is important as more than 22% of all global air travel bookings are made on a mobile device, including up to 80% of last-minute bookings.

With global digital travel sales projected exceed $855B by 2021, it’s critical for airlines to be able to capture this growing segment.”