Payments enabler Tutuka, which announced its first venture into Hong Kong with Octopus Cards Limited (OCL), has launched a virtual prepaid card

Dubbed O! ePay Mastercard, the card allows its users to shop online from all the merchants accepting Mastercard globally.

OCL CEO Sunny Cheung said: “We are excited to partner with Tutuka to offer a seamless global online payment experience to our O! ePay customers as part of our continuous efforts in bringing greater value to Hong Kong.”

OCL is a payment brand in Hong Kong, especially within the transport and retail sectors. The collaboration with Tutuka further extends Octopus’ presence in the global e-payments market.

Tutuka provides robust solutions that enhance and enable closed loop systems to have access to the open loop market. The new Octopus O! ePay Mastercard leverages this expertise.

Customers can use Octopus App to sign up for an O! ePay account and instantly receive O! ePay Mastercard.

Customers are not required to submit any proof and can obtain the card in a few clicks.

Customers can recharge their O! ePay account. The top up amount gets instantly available for O! ePay Mastercard.

Customers can top up their O! ePay Mastercard to a maximum of HK$10,000($1274).

TUTUKA head of global partnerships Sekai Ndemanga said: “Tutuka is known for helping the unbanked have access to reloadable prepaid cards. This will provide a much-needed alternative for those in need.

“We are delighted that our platform enables companies like OCL to push the boundaries of innovation in launching innovative payment solutions that make a real difference to the Hong Kong people.”

TUTUKA has launched more than 400 prepaid card programmes in South Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.