In addition, Travelex has launched a digital signage ATM service at Birmingham Airport, bringing up the total number of ATMs there to three. The 2.5mm direct-view LED screen surrounds customers from three sides, displaying the content dynamically to match flights departing.

The move to expand services follows the successful click & collect pilot at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Travelex now offers client services at over 50 key ATM locations across all Heathrow terminals. Travellers place their orders on the Travelex website and then collect their money from an ATM using their phone and credentials.

The business allows customers to withdraw up to £500 in 24 hours.

Richard Wazacz, CEO of Travelex, said: “ATM click & collect enables our customers to not only access their currency in a new, fast and convenient way, but to do so at the best rates possible too.

“The service is one of many new innovative propositions we are developing to simplify our customers’ access to international money, and we are delighted to be extending it following a successful trial at Heathrow Terminal 5”, Wazacz added.

Last year, Travelex generated £124m in revenues through the final quarter, £256m more than in 2021, marking a quick recovery from Covid lockdowns.

In an interview for RBI, Wazacz said that cash remained a popular option for people travelling abroad, noting that “if we look at the demographic trends in the world, the rates at which travel is increasing is much faster than the rate at which cash usage is declining in travel.”

The new click & collect services come after a successful 12-month period for Travelex in the UK, as passenger numbers kept growing. Since March 2022, Travelex has won several airport contracts and services extensions in the UK, filling more than 1,700 job vacancies.