Tiempo Secure, a semiconductor specialist focusing on high-end secure products, has teamed up with SP-Tek (Secure Platforms Technology), a developer of multi-application smart card based on open platforms, to launch smart card chips equipped with the JavaCard EMV operating system (OS).

The new solution, which integrates Tiempo’s TESIC-SC chip with SP-Tek’s JavaCard EMV OS, provides security, speed, and flexibility to support secure EMV transactions.

The solution is targeted at smart card manufacturers in the Americas, who are supporting the shift from magnetic stripe to EMV smart cards.

The combined offering will be submitted for EMVCo certification in early 2016 and is expected to be rolled out commercially soon after.

Tiempo Secure said that its dual-interface secure microcontroller TESIC-SC is based on the company’s patented asynchronous design technology and ideal to develop EMV payment applications.

The company’s chips feature additional security and a faster execution speed, especially in contactless mode, as they can adapt dynamically according to the strength of RF communication.

Tiempo Secure CEO Serge Maginot said: "SP-Tek has built a strong track record in delivering its JavaCard based operating system to multiple markets in Asia both in the banking and identity segments."

SP-Tek CEO DongHo Park said: "The porting of our JavaCard operating system to Tiempo Secure’s chips will allow us to deliver a high performance and high security solution to numerous smart card manufacturers."