Banking software firm Temenos has announced its rebrand to be “Everyone’s Banking Platform”.

In the opening speech of the Temenos Community Forum (TCF) 2022, held in London this year, chief marketing officer Martin Häring launched the rebrand.

Häring said: “As a CMO, nothing is more exciting than a rebranding exercise, but this one is really way more than just changing the colour or the visual appearance. It is the core of Temenos’ future vision, mission, and strategy.”

He added: “It will fundamentally change the way we develop, market, sell and deploy banking services going forward.”

Source: LinkedIn

In a blog post later, he continued: “Becoming Everyone’s Banking Platform is a bold vision. But being bold has been core to our DNA since day one. In just under 30 years, we have gone from a small Geneva startup to the world’s largest provider of banking software. We’ve done that by never being satisfied and never standing still. 

“Our refreshed brand echoes this pioneering spirit, and a new era for Temenos. We want to set the industry standard for a modern banking platform, on a global scale, for all kinds of banking players. For large banks, for small banks, for non-banks, for fintechs, for partners, for developers, for everyone.”

In addition, in his keynote speech, Temenos CEO Max Chuard said: “It is more about customer demand than ever before because they are used to easy, convenient, personal experiences from global platforms like Netflix or Amazon. This is now what they expect rom banking.”

Chuard and Temenos both expect fintechs to pay a big part in the near future with 20% of banking revenue shifting to these new players by 2025. also, the revenue stream will be worth $3.6trn by 2030.

Currently, over 3000 clients in more than 150 countries, trust Temenos. In addition, its solutions are fuelled by massive investment in R&D with 20% of revenues invested back into innovation.