Switzerland-based e-commerce company and Digitec owner Galaxus is now allowing its customers to use the payments app Twint to make purchases.

The companies were in a spat over commission fees back in March 2020. This led Twint to deactivate its payment method on digitec.ch and galaxus.ch platforms.

Twint and Galaxus did not disclose how they settled the dispute.

However, there was pressure from the users as Twint is said to be a dominant payment method in Switzerland.

On its website, Digitec Galaxus CEO Florian Teuteberg said: “From now on, Twint is available in our shops as a payment method again.

“The fact that we are able to offer Twint as a payment method again in time for the upcoming Christmas season is good news for everyone who missed having it.”

Digitec Galaxus customers are able to pay with Twint starting from 20 November 2020.

Twint CEO Markus Kilb said: “We are pleased that the 3 million TWINT users will now be able to choose from an even wider range of e-commerce offers, with Digitec and Galaxus, for their Christmas shopping.

Teuteberg added: “All our customers should be able to pay for their shopping as they wish –and that is very important to us!”


Commenting on the dispute, in March, Twint said that “Galaxus was not prepared to pay Twint a fair transmittal fee that is customary for all means of payment.”

Twint said that its payment method is offered by over 7000 e-commerce merchants and online shops and over two million users use Twint.

It also claimed to have an “extremely fair price model” and “one of the cheapest” compared to other payment providers.

According to Galaxus, “Twint tried to impose a payment fee” which was “much higher than the previous” amount.

Galaxus claimed that Twint was forced to raise the prices as its owners agreed to share a part of its commission with the banks offering its payment method on their app.

The commission fee was not disclosed.