Stonemark, a premium financing company in the insurance industry, has decided to use its long time software solutions client Input 1’s payment platform to process digital payments.

The move comes as Stonemark was looking for a solution that can integrate into existing systems and bolster the company’s payment collection capabilities.

According to an Input 1 statement, Input 1 Payments was selected for its simple design and pricing model.

Additionally, the company also offers automated payment notifications and payment channels such as text, email, mobile and IVR.

Input 1 executive vice president Chris Farfaras said: “Stonemark is recognised throughout the industry for its client-centric approach and commitment to service.

“We are pleased to deliver a solution that meets their rigorous standards for operational excellence.”

Stonemark president Elizabeth Davies said: “Stonemark chose the Input 1 Payments solution for its ease-of-use and service expectations.

“We have built our reputation on providing a world-class customer experience — Input 1 Payments easily integrated with our existing system, simplifying our back-office operations and driving bottom-line growth.”

An H.W. Kaufman Group company, Stonemark offers insurance premium financing services for the property and casualty agent, broker, and borrower/insured in US and Canada.

On the other hand, Input 1 provides digital billing services and payment solutions to the insurance industry.

According to the company, more than one million agents, brokers, and policyholders use Input 1’s solutions for online access annually.