Square has launched a new integrated and all-in-one card processing device to replace legacy, keypad credit card machines.

The newly launched point-of-sale (POS) device is dubbed Square Terminal. It combines NFC, credit/debit card swiping, and chip-based payments all in one piece of hardware.

It will allow shopkeepers to accept all forms of payments and print receipts quickly.

Square terminal to boost card processing

The all-in-one card processing device supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile wallets.

The new POS features a battery that lasts all day and can work with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connections.

Additionally, Square Terminal will provide sellers a fair and flat rate for every transaction. The company has said that this will happen without considering card type.

Sellers will have to pay one transaction rate of 2.6% + 10¢ for every dip, tap, or swipe payment, and $399 for the device.

The rate also offers coverage to sellers against data security, dispute management, and fraud prevention.

Additionally, the company will offer merchants 24/7 phone support, a one-year warranty.

Square head of hardware Jesse Dorogusker said: “Payment terminals are everywhere, from liquor stores to dry cleaners to dentists, and with Square Terminal we can now serve these sellers better with new, elegant hardware on top of Square’s fair and secure payments service.

“Square Terminal is designed from the ground up to ensure a feeling of familiarity, so sellers and their customers can use it right away. With Square Terminal, we now offer a sophisticated and modern hardware-plus-software solution for every type of business.”

Furthermore, customers can access Square Terminal at Squareup.com/shop.