American mobile payments firm Square has introduced a new set of tools to enable medium-sized businesses manage their operations effectively.

Dubbed Square for Retail, the new package includes a new iOS point-of-sale app called Square Retail, which is optimised specifically for retailers. Square Retail enables an iPad to be used to complete transactions with customers.

Additionally, Square for Retail also features a search interface and barcode scanning functions for building the shopping cart. It also includes a customer database that tracks sales by customer and automatically builds customer profiles and sorts them into groups based on sales habits.

The app’s inventory management functionality updates in real time, both in the app and in the central dashboard accessible online. Through the dashboard, the purchase orders can be managed, which can be used to manage stock across multiple business locations with data points.

The service can run from an iPad using the app and the dashboard through a Mac desktop; however, retailers will have to buy extra hardware if they want to perform more common transaction types in their outlets.

Square for Retail is available for $60 per month, per register, in the US.