Canadian payments firm SnapPay and Chinese payment platform Alipay have partnered to support acceptance of Alipay at Canadian-Chinese grocery chain FoodyMart.

Under the partnership, consumers can make Chinese currency payments at all FoodyMart locations.

This includes the Alipay Experience store in Richmond, British Columbia.

SnapPay’s payment gateway enables merchants across North America to accept digital payments from users of Chinese apps.

SnapPay chief growth officer Chris Renton said: “Our platform provides Canadian and U.S. Retailers with an extensive new revenue channel.

“North American retailers gain access to billions of untapped potential revenue by simply offering their customers the option to pay with the mobile apps and currency that they’re familiar with.”

The latest tie-up will enable consumers to make payments in Chinese currency, while merchants get paid in Canadian or US dollars.

To make payments, consumers have to scan QR codes.

FoodyMart president Yiwei Cheng said: “Since deploying SnapPay last year, we’re seeing triple digit growth in our sales. Integration with our POS was a fast, easy process.

“In addition, the solution enables us to directly market to our customers through their mobile apps, which provides us with a brand-new channel to drive sales and customer loyalty.”

Last month, US-based pharmacy store chain Walgreens added support for Alipay at its stores.